Employee wellness is essential to productivity and high performance in any work environment. It’s important to promote self-care and provide resources that allow your team to feel happy and energized in the workplace.

“Illness-related absenteeism is an obvious factor in productivity. Less obvious but probably more significant is presenteeism—when people come to work but underperform because of illness or stress. Research consistently shows that the costs to employers from health-related lost productivity dwarf those of health insurance.” – Harvard Business Review

Self-care is becoming a big priority, especially for younger talent who will be looking for this type of perk in the workplace.


How I Can Help Your Company

I offer presentations (in person or via webinar) on the topics below or can tailor a lecture based on your staff’s interests. I am able to do cooking demonstrations as well. The lectures below include Q&A, handouts, recipes, shopping lists, recommendations, and resources where applicable. I focus on a holistic lifestyle and a whole-foods diet – I do not sell any products.


  • Energy-Boosting Bootcamp Series: A six-session program covering steps you can take at each moment in your day to boost your energy and feel great, from sleep to work to your social life and travel and every meal in between.
  • Regain Your Power Series: Five- or 10-session series on how to resume control over destructive eating habits, control cravings, and master intuitive eating. (Five sessions will be more condensed, 10 will be more interactive.)


  • Nutrition Basics: Covering everything you need to know about the essential macronutrients (fat, protein, carbs), nutrition myths, and sugar’s effects on our body.
  • Meal Planning 101: Learn to navigate the grocery store and understand food labels, the building blocks of a healthy meal, and how to create and execute a meal plan.
  • Nutrition for a Successful Work Day: Learn the foods that will boost focus, attention, and brainpower; improve immunity; and manage stress.
  • Wellness While Traveling: Ease the impact of traveling for work for important tips for stress, sleep, diet, immunity, and more.
  • It All Begins With Gut Health: The gut houses 75% of our immune system. Learn how what you eat affects digestion, energy levels, skin, mood, weight, and various health conditions. Optional cooking demo available in an additional session.

Contact me for full details on my corporate wellness programs.

Group Coaching

I also offer 6-month group health-coaching sessions at a special corporate rate. It is focused mainly on nutrition, and covers health and lifestyle topics as well. Sessions are held via video in a private Facebook group. We will cover:

  • Setting realistic goals
  • Getting rid of the diet mentality
  • Food as medicine
  • Exercise regimens that work for YOUR body
  • Intuitive eating
  • Self-care strategies
  • Meal-planning and understanding food labels
  • …and more!

Please email me for more details on my group coaching program and corporate rate.