upcoming public classes

Boston Center for Adult Education
122 Arlington Street, Boston


I am able to teach workshops on a variety of nutrition and lifestyle topics, including how to cook for certain health conditions. Classes are available for one-on-one private instruction personalized to your dietary concerns and preferences, or for groups. Sample group class options are listed below.

Learn how to prepare health-supportive meals along with the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll need to master them. Please contact me if you’d like to book a private workshop or to discuss a customized class for your group.

Private classes include:

  • Meal Prep Workshop – Making sure you’re prepared for the week will help keep you on a healthy track. In this class, I share my best meal planning tips and tricks and will show you how to make nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for when you’re on the go. You will go home with recipes and a calendar to help plan your next week of meals.
  • Gut Toning Meals – A thorough lesson on how a whole-foods, fiber-rich diet can strengthen your digestive system and improve your gut health, with a demo/sampling of easy-to-make recipes that will take you through morning, noon, night, and the cravings in between. You’ll leave with a gut-health guide of all we discuss + recipes for what we make in class.
  • Ditching Dairy – The USDA tells us we require dairy to maintain a healthy life, but there’s loads of reasons to ditch the stuff and easily get your nutrients from other, easier-to-digest sources. Nuts can be your key to a smooth transition, and we’ll explore the health benefits of various nut milks and cheese with a demo on how to make each. Participants will go home with recipes + a nut milk bag to begin preparing their own dairy alternatives.
  • Knife Skills – Learn and practice basic knife skills to use in your own kitchen. Bring your own chef’s knife (or your favorite knife) and we’ll make a nutritious Mexican-inspired meal together.
  • Superfood Desserts – Indulge with purpose. We’ll talk about what superfoods are and how to incorporate them into your desserts, make vegan cheesecake, and more.
  • Summer Berry Desserts – Take advantage of seasonal produce in this dessert class focused on nutrition. Ingredients are carefully selected for their health purposes to make indulging ever sweeter.
  • Taco Night! – Learn a few creative ways to enjoy a vegetarian taco night.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me a message! I may be able to create a custom class suited to your interests.