Upcoming public events:

Intuition Nutrition
January 30 @ 3PM at First Event Conference

Foods and rituals that will help you develop a stronger connection to your inner voice in order to overcome emotional eating habits and release yourself from diet culture. RSVP here.

Meal Planning: Saving Time + Money
Have you been spending too much money on food that keeps going bad by the end of the week? Eating out a little too often? Planning ahead is all it takes to get on the right track and save money and time. In this class, I share my best meal-planning tips and tricks for every part of the process of finding recipes, grocery shopping, cooking, and more—plus how to fit it all in when you’re always on the go.

Bring a favorite cookbook or two (more will be provided) as you will work on creating your own meal plans at the end of class. I will help participants develop their own plans, including how to make a prep schedule that saves you time and eases stress throughout the week

20 Little Things To Make A Big Impact in 2020
Join us for a free and collaborative networking event and panel featuring a unique lineup of esteemed professionals from a law, personal finance, and nutrition backgrounds.