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I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d become a speaker. I was a very shy kid always keeping my nose in a book and spending much of my life behind a computer screen as well.

So how did I come out of that shell?

Turns out enthusiasm outweighs nerves! When I first started learning about nutrition and the life-changing effects of holistic health, it was mind-blowing. I finally became aware of how different foods affect our bodies and that we can use our meals as allies in health. And I wanted to tell EVERYONE!

Focusing on my diet and lifestyle pulled me out of depression and completely changed my strained relationship with food. I eventually became a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert to be able to help others do the same, and felt called to share what I know through public speaking.

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak in person at venues all around the Boston area and across the country via webinar, at local tech companies and retail shops, as well as university and non-profit conferences.

I love to help people who are interested in viewing health from a holistic perspective, taking into account the many aspects of our lives that contribute to our overall wellness. My favorite presentations are the ones that get the audience to think about their health from a different perspective, away from the harmful messages of diet culture, and challenge them on how they show up for themselves.


Photo: Carlie Febo

“We knew we wanted to address diet and food at our event, and wanted the audience to think about connecting with their bodies in new and less fear-based ways. Kristen helped ease the audience into thinking about this topic and gave them tangible action steps. Attendees really connected with her warmth, passion, and professionalism. It’s evident how much her work means to her, and her holistic and feminist approach to wellness and food is why we wanted her to be part of our event.”
Kate McBride and Carlie Febo, The Cauldron

My signature talk:

Intuition Nutrition:
Food + Ritual for Connecting to Your Inner Voice

Our society places little value on intuition and faith that we know what’s best for ourselves. We’re constantly being pulled in all directions being told what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should or shouldn’t be. This stress often leads to relying emotionally on food to cope. We lose connection to our inner voice along the way, something that is so important for our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

In this presentation, you will learn the best brain and energy-boosting foods and rituals to lay the foundation for a stronger connection to your intuition, as well as mindfulness strategies that help you curb emotional eating habits and better communicate with your guiding voice. We will also do a group meditation together and end with a multi-sensory exercise with chocolate!

I am also able to deliver any of the “lunch and learn” presentations listed on my corporate wellness page, or tailor a presentation specifically to your needs. Sample topics:

  • Nutrition for a Successful Work Day
  • 10 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Addiction
  • Be Your Own Nutritionist
  • Meal Planning: Saving Time + Money
  • Wellness While Traveling
  • (Business) — Harnessing the Power of the Hermit Archetype: Radical Business Advice for Introverts

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