Sun-Protective Smoothie

Everyone knows to slather on the sunscreen to block the sun’s UV rays, but there’s one crucial step your sun-protection routine might be missing: Breakfast!

Diet is an often-overlooked part of how we adapt to our external environments throughout the seasons. Let’s take a look into why the first meal of the day can prep and protect your healthy summer glow.

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Meal Prep Golden Chia Pudding

How much fiber are you actually getting a day? It’s recommended that we get between 25-35 grams, but most Americans are consuming half that amount. I thought I was doing pretty well until I tracked my meals for a few days and realized I was coming up a bit short. Even I have to take a moment once in a while to re-evaluate my choices when I’ve slipped into the same daily routine. So to kickstart our day, I came up with a breakfast that provides a major boost first thing in the morning.

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Basic Kale Chips

I know that as a nutritionist I’m expected to LOVE kale… and I do enjoy it in some applications (like my roasted veggie + kale salad), but it’s certainly not my favorite leafy green. I do, however, love kale chips because I’m a snacker, and rather than mow down a box of Cheez-Its, these are my go-to because I know all I really want is something crispy and salty to mindlessly munch on—and you can never have too many veggies!

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