13 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Imbalanced (and 13 Things You Can Do About It)

Blood sugar was never something I really thought about until I had to, which is the case for most people. We assume our bodies are humming along fine, doing what it needs to process the food we eat, and that our other ailments are unrelated. It wasn’t until I learned how many ways imbalanced blood sugar can affect other areas of our health that I put two and two together and decided I needed to make big changes.

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roasted veggie + kale salad

I’m a creature of habit. I’ll order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant, and I’ll make the same meal a million times until I can’t even accept the taste anymore. This recipe was inspired by my first visit to Glass House in Cambridge, where I ordered the most delicious salad that I’ll probably¬†order every time I go back, and will¬†now also meal prep to death.

(I know, I said there would be more than kale here. But in order for there to be more, there has to be some, so here it is.)

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marinated tamari eggs

If you’re not a yolk person then I suggest you TURN AROUND NOW. Consider this as serious as the first episode of Walking Dead when Rick wakes up in the hospital and sees “DON’T OPEN. DEAD INSIDE.” painted on the door. We all know how that turned out. Listen to your warnings!!

Anyway, this recipe is for marinated tamari eggs – salty, sweet, delicious additions to your morning meal, a post-workout snack, homemade ramen, whatever you like. The key is to actually follow instructions, and you’ll be rewarded with gooey, sorta drippy but mostly gelled, perfectly half-cooked egg yolks.

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