roasted veggie + kale salad

I’m a creature of habit. I’ll order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant, and I’ll make the same meal a million times until I can’t even accept the taste anymore. This recipe was inspired by my first visit to Glass House in Cambridge, where I ordered the most delicious salad that I’ll probably order every time I go back, and will now also meal prep to death.

(I know, I said there would be more than kale here. But in order for there to be more, there has to be some, so here it is.)

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brussels sprouts salad

I came up with this recipe for my first workshop on gut-toning meals, and now I make it almost every week for lunch, it’s so easy and quick to whip together. Who knew that the little girl who would sit at the kitchen table until bedtime refusing to eat her vegetables would grow up to willingly eat brussels sprouts? There’s hope (and lots of dressing).

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