Doing Self-Care the ‘Right’ Way

Self-care has become kind of an annoying word, right? It invokes imagery of thin blonde ladies doing yoga on a beach, sipping expensive single-origin coffees, and writing about gratitude in their journals while the sun shines onto their Peloton bikes in their penthouse apartments.

If that’s you, I am SO happy for you because that sounds amazing. But the wellness world likes to make this seem like the only way to perform self-care. The “right” way to do it.

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Healthy Travel Tips

A popular topic with clients this time of year is nutrition on-the-go and keeping up routines while traveling. Is this something on your mind? It really comes down to planning ahead—preparing for what you’ll be doing while you’re away from home and making sure your needs will be met along the way. Here are a few healthy travel tips I like to share with my clients:

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Foods and Herbs to Boost the Immune System Naturally

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked through an illness. (Guilty!) You have a horrible cold, you’re not feeling so well, but you don’t have any more sick days so you just kind of stare at your computer all day pretending you’ll be productive.

Or instead, ever had coworkers that come in when they should definitely have stayed home? There’s always one. And sometimes it’s you.

It’s part of life—if we’re going out into the world, we’re going to encounter germs, and the best thing we can do is to build up our immunity to help avoid getting sick.

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