one-on-one nutrition coaching

If you’ve counted calories, measured every last ingredient, and bought into every weight loss fad, if you’ve done all the “right things” and are still feeling stuck, tired, and emotionally burnt-out, we can work together on a personalized plan that takes your bioindividuality and environment into account. My approach focuses on a plant-based, whole foods diet rooted in functional nutrition, rather than the restrictive diets we often seek out for a quick fix, combined with realistic lifestyle changes that support your physical and emotional wellness.

3-month plan

With holistic guidance from one-on-one nutrition coaching, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your relationship to food in depth
  • Create and achieve goals
  • Explore new foods and gain confidence in the kitchen
  • Learn how to meal plan
  • Learn to eat intuitively
  • Understand the mind-body connection of your diet and lifestyle choices
  • Feel better and more energized in your body and have a more comfortable relationship with food
  • Commit to a lifestyle change – I don’t do diets and for lasting success, neither will you!

We will have an initial consultation to discuss your top health complaints, goals, and concerns, as well as your unique nutrition needs, and five additional follow-up sessions over three months to track progress and address daily habits, relationships, and other roadblocks that may be keeping you from feeling your best. This package includes:

  • Information package for your health condition (if applicable), including the conventional medicine approach vs. the culinary nutrition approach to healing, and lists of foods to avoid and foods that promote health.
  • 5-day suggested meal plans with shopping list
  • Nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare, with the health benefits of key ingredients
  • Educational materials and resources (such as reading recommendations)
  • Wellness and lifestyle suggestions to complement your nutrition plan
  • Unlimited support via email throughout our time together.

COST: $800


  • Add-on: One 1-hour grocery store visit to get meal plan ingredients, learn how to read labels, and make more health-conscious purchases. (You are responsible for cost of ingredients.) Greater Boston clients only. +$100.


If you’re looking for some guidance but aren’t ready for a full plan, we can get together for a single 60-minute session to discuss areas of concern (in person or via phone/Skype) and create action items to help direct your intentions. You may have Googled your heart out for ideas, but it helps to talk it out to find inspiration and create achievable goals.

COST: $150