healthy eating transition package

A guide for those with new dietary restrictions looking to navigate their new lifestyle (or simply for those who want assistance transitioning into a healthier way of eating). Allergies or other health conditions don’t have to mean deprivation. I can show you an abundant way of eating so you can still enjoy your relationship with food — and have a social life!

The Healthy Eating Transition Package includes:

  • Nutrition evaluation where I will learn about your current diet, lifestyle, health, concerns, and goals.
  • Phone or Skype consultation to discuss your evaluation and unique nutritional needs.
  • Customized, health-supportive, whole-foods meal plan tailored to your restrictions, preferences, and needs, including easy-to-make recipes and a shopping list.
  • Follow-up call to discuss your meal plan and any questions or concerns.
  • Grocery store visit: We’ll go to the market together and learn the smartest ways to shop, how to read labels, and how to make healthier choices. If you do not live in the Greater Boston area, we can discuss this info in an additional phone or Skype call.
  • Kitchen review: I’ll visit your home and we’ll go through your fridge and pantry together. You’ll learn what to keep and what to donate/toss and why.
  • Handouts: Keeping a Healthy Pantry, How to Fit Veggies in Every Meal, On-the-Go Snacks, Meal-Planning Calendar, Produce Selection Guide

COST: $325