holistic life package (6 months)

For those who are ready to overhaul their lifestyle and embrace a holistic life, this 6-month training will give you all the tools you need to make lifelong changes.

Each month includes two phone or Skype sessions, handouts with additional information and tips for staying on track, a 5-day meal plan with recipes and a shopping list, personalized goals and recommendations, and email support.

If you live locally, we’ll also get together in month two for a pantry/fridge assessment and a visit to the grocery store, if you prefer.

With the Holistic Life Package, you will:

  • Have a total of 12 coaching sessions with me over the course of six months focusing on a different theme each month, with actionable goals after each call and weekly email check-in.
  • Learn the foods that nourish and fuel YOUR unique body.
  • Receive one meal plan per month, including easy-to-make recipes and a shopping list.
  • Try new foods and become more comfortable cooking for better health in the kitchen.
  • Uncover the ways the food industry tricks you at the supermarket and navigate the grocery store in a smarter way.
  • Learn about the important macronutrients you need to power through the day, and the ingredients to avoid if you want to keep that good energy.
  • Learn how to save time each week and meal plan.
  • Get nutritious recipes that can take the place of your favorite takeout food.
  • Learn how to make healthier swaps in baking so you can indulge AND make the ingredients you use work for your body.
  • Discover the mind-body connection of your diet and lifestyle choices.
  • Learn how to make simple changes in your home to avoid toxins and other harsh chemicals in bath, body, and cleaning products.
  • Achieve your health and wellness goals each month with accountability and support.

This package does require commitment. Transitioning into a new lifestyle certainly does take time, and we don’t need to get everything right overnight, but the Holistic Life Training package is an education in your personal nutrition and we will work closely together over the course of six months as you learn to make small changes that add up to big results.

Investment: Starts at $1,799.

If you’re interested in working with me, please fill out this form and let me know you’d like to discuss the Holistic Life Training.