one-on-one nutrition coaching

Are you struggling with feeling comfortable in your body?

Frustrated with trying to navigate all the conflicting health and wellness info out there?

Having trouble finding a care team that will actually listen to you?

Through one-on-one nutrition coaching, I aim to help you create more joy in your life, have more energy all day long, feel stronger, and be happier and healthier in your mind, body, and spirit. Deprivation has no place here, we will focus on the abundant pleasures of a whole-foods, plant-loving lifestyle.

When we work together, you get a partner, a cheerleader, and a committed guide,  whether you’re working with an autoimmune condition, hormonal imbalance, digestive problem, skin issue, or trouble with weight. We’ll go in-depth on your current lifestyle, health, and history to create achievable goals that address the root causes of your concerns and offer a clear path towards your goals. We’ll work remotely, allowing us to connect no matter where you are in the world.

I will help you wade through the ocean of nutrition information out there; address allergies, intolerances, or other health issues; teach you how to nourish your body with good nutrition and better habits; and create a completely personalized plan for the wellness you deserve.

Kristen provided the structure for me that I could not provide for myself through meal planning, healthy recipes and online and telephone support. Through her guidance, I have lost 15 pounds and feel so much healthier. Paula M.
Working with Kristen has literally changed my entire relationship with food. She makes major life changes feel extremely simple and easy to achieve. She’s extremely easy and positive to work with. I’d highly recommend working with Kristen if you’re just looking to make some small improvements in your diet, or if you need to do a major lifestyle overhaul. – Marissa E.

How It Works

Nutrition and Health Evaluation: In our first session, we’ll talk in-depth about your current health, family history, work, lifestyle, eating habits, and more. As I work from a holistic point of view, getting the full picture on all aspects of your life allows me to do the proper research and design the best personalized program for you.

Food Diary: In between our first two sessions, I will have you keep a food diary for about five days so I can get a sense of your current eating habits. This is done on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that serves as the hub of our communication throughout our partnership.

Plan Delivery: You will receive your completely individualized protocol with recommendations for your unique nutritional needs (including recipes), and if included in your chosen plan, lifestyle factors like stress and sleep, and healthier habits to work on, all of which address the root cause of your symptoms, improve energy, and support natural weight loss, if needed. I don’t expect you to flip any switches overnight, so my initial recommendations meet your comfort level and fit within your current lifestyle.

Weekly Check-Ins: We will connect weekly via phone (or email, if you prefer) to help you stay on track with your wellness plan. These calls are key for motivation and accountability. They are an opportunity for you to share wins/challenges and ask any questions you may have, and for me to review your progress and make any modifications as needed. From time to time, I will ask you to complete small assignments as well, which help you to create long-lasting habits.

Click here to set up a free consultation where we’ll discuss your health concerns and how we can work together to craft a plan that fits your lifestyle.