one-on-one nutrition coaching

We won’t be counting calories, weighing in, measuring body parts, or monitoring your BMI. Set it all on fire.

Your size doesn’t determine whether you’re happy, healthy, strong, successful, smart, sexy AF, an amazing friend, a loyal partner, a badass feminist, an expert headbanger, award-winning shower singer, etc. (But if you came here for weight loss, that’s totally okay, too.)


“I can honestly say that working with Kristen was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a healthcare professional. I felt completely at ease with her and felt I could share some personal stories without feeling like she would judge me. I now no longer sleep with earplugs after 20+ years, which is a serious milestone. Plus, I feel more clear-headed, have more energy, and can focus for longer periods of time, and I’ve decreased my dependence on sugar by a lot!” – Veronica Compo


What I can help with:

  • Emotional eating / stress eating
  • Body image
  • Chronic dieting
  • Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Hormone balance and blood sugar balance
  • Managing symptoms through a tailored, health-supportive diet
  • Transitioning into a healthier lifestyle and getting more variety in your meals
  • Better communicating with your health care team and understanding doctor recommendations

What I won’t do:

  • Tell you exactly what to eat and when

I know, I know—who wants to make actual DECISIONS? But my approach focuses on developing your intuition (aka Big Hermit Energy…tarot joke, sorry) and really getting in tune with your body so, you know, you can actually do this on your own, and you won’t need my help forever (as much as I love you).

I’m also big on the WHY because education about your health is incredibly helpful to you. You will always know why I’m making a recommendation and will have the tools you need to sustain your new habits long after our sessions.

“I was dealing with a weight loss plateau, PMS symptoms, and low energy after coming off birth control, and I also needed to curb my sweet tooth. The adjustments Kristen helped me make made my new habits easier to maintain, and after working together, my cycle is more manageable to deal with without the pain, fatigue, and headaches. She helped me be more aware of how I feel and how my food affected my symptoms, I finally got over my plateau, and my energy is great!” – Lisa T.



If this all sounds good to you, please fill out the application to work with me below so I can learn more about your needs and see if I’m a good match to support you on your new path.




Community Offering (NEW August 2019)
It is a core belief of mine that nutrition and health education should be accessible to all, not only those who have the resources to support my small business. Starting this month, I will open two spots per month for those who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrant, or other marginalized identity.

These are single sessions that can be about general wellness or to address specific health questions and concerns (there will be a form to fill out prior to our session so we can make the most of our time together). Please join the wait list here.

If you do not identify with these groups, you are welcome to follow my social media, where I share a lot of helpful health tips and information, or join the free workshops I offer periodically. I am working on scheduling more for the fall. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated.

If you align with my mission to make health education more accessible and want to donate to support these community sessions and workshops, click here.