Healthy Travel Tips

A popular topic with clients this time of year is nutrition on-the-go and keeping up routines while traveling. Is this something on your mind? It really comes down to planning ahead—preparing for what you’ll be doing while you’re away from home and making sure your needs will be met along the way. Here are a few healthy travel tips I like to share with my clients:

Bring your own food on the flight (in a leak-proof container!). Airport food doesn’t always have the greatest quality or even taste. Just make sure with the food you pack, liquids stay within the 3-1-1 rule. Try a simple meal like my roasted veggie and kale salad.

Take a sleep mask on the plane. I can’t sleep on a flight without it! But make sure to peek out the window before you snooze so you can see the glittery lights below. This is the exact sleep mask that I use.

Stay hydrated! Even if it means you have to climb over your seat mate or pull the car over to pee. You should get up and move on periodically on long trips anyway! Flights are especially important to stay hydrated on. We get dehydrated easily thousands of feet up in the air, which dries out our mucus membranes (defense mechanisms against bacteria). Bring a reusable water bottle with you in your carry-on.

Find a hotel with a mini fridge or Airbnb with a kitchen. Google around for nearby grocery stores to pick up some food when you arrive. Road trip? Don’t forget plates, napkins, and cutlery if you’re taking food with you.

If you have dietary restrictions, look up restaurant menus beforehand. The app Find Me GF is helpful for gluten-free on the go.

Bring along supplements: Ginger for nausea, activated charcoal for food poisoning, probiotics to keep digestion smooth in the stress of traveling. I also like collagen powder packets to mix with water if a meal is lacking in protein.

Relax! We can plan as much as we want but sometimes things just don’t go according to that plan. Nothing and no one is perfect. Remember that your travels are temporary and it’s what you do most of the time that’s important.

I love helping clients navigate things like healthy travel and help them feel confident in their decisions.

Got any more tips you want to share in the comments?

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