All Your Kombucha Questions Answered

All the cool kids are drinking kombucha now, but the rest of the world has been on trend for a couple thousand years already. If you’re new to the home-brewed ‘booch game and want to dabble in some DIY, you’re gonna have a ton of questions about methods and looks and smells and tastes. Below, I try to answer all of them for you and share my way of doing things.

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Introducing the 10-Day Energy-Boosting Meal Plan!

In my past work life, I’d either be running around all day or on the computer all day – better yet, I’d combine the two and work on my phone while in an Uber going to my next client. Meals were not a priority – and having one away from my computer? Please. I loved my job but constantly being on-the-go was eating away at me, I was depressed, tired all the time, moody.

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what is ghee and why should i cook with it?

There is no fat on this earth more precious to me than ghee. If I could eat it with a spoon like ice cream, I would, letting it drip down my face into slick, emollient pools on my thighs, which I’d rub in because on top of being a great nutrition source, it’s actually a pretty moisturizing ingredient to add to homemade natural beauty products. Fun fact!

But that’s not why we’re here.

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take control of your health

The American Health Care Act was passed by the House this week, which will repeal and replace much of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If you’re concerned about your health insurance (as I am), coverage, medication costs, etc., now is the time to educate yourself on how you can take control of your own health.

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you don’t need coffee

You don’t need coffee.

HEAR ME OUT. Before you come at me with your pitchforks and large iced Dunks, I am not demonizing it or saying it is strictly forbidden all the time forever. I’m saying that 5th cup of coffee you desperately needed to stay awake and finish out the work day? It’s not doing you any good.

Release the death grip on your stainless steel tumbler because chances are, you already kind of knew this.

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