How I Stopped Counting Calories

I started counting calories in college. I was trying to lose weight, as women are instructed to do by every magazine, every TV show, every ad in between the TV shows, in movies, in diet books, in real life. Funny thing about women is that many of us can rattle off the calorie counts of certain foods like we were taught to memorize the presidents in elementary school. It’s not behavior you can unlearn easily.

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13 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Imbalanced (and 13 Things You Can Do About It)

Blood sugar was never something I really thought about until I had to, which is the case for most people. We assume our bodies are humming along fine, doing what it needs to process the food we eat, and that our other ailments are unrelated. It wasn’t until I learned how many ways imbalanced blood sugar can affect other areas of our health that I put two and two together and decided I needed to make big changes.

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Introducing ‘Kicking Sugar + Carb Addiction’

What’s on your mind right now?

Is it your lunch even though you just had breakfast? Leftover cookies staring you down on the counter? How you just want to nap because you never feel fully rested?

Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of constantly thinking about food and all the choices you have to make, because the weight never stays off, and you never have more energy.

If any of these ring true, it’s likely that your blood sugar is in need of stabilization (and you’re not alone––almost all of my clients need to work on this).

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6 Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? For a lot of us, the holidays are a test of willpower, and just the thought of all the opportunities there are to get off track from your goals can be really stressful. I have had clients tell me they’re feeling nervous about the next couple weeks, with all of the holiday parties and celebrations on our calendars filled with tons of sugar and alcohol and all the food you could want. I tell them my biggest tip:

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All Your Kombucha Questions Answered

All the cool kids are drinking kombucha now, but the rest of the world has been on trend for a couple thousand years already. If you’re new to the home-brewed ‘booch game and want to dabble in some DIY, you’re gonna have a ton of questions about methods and looks and smells and tastes. Below, I try to answer all of them for you and share my way of doing things.

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Introducing the 10-Day Energy-Boosting Meal Plan!

In my past work life, I’d either be running around all day or on the computer all day – better yet, I’d combine the two and work on my phone while in an Uber going to my next client. Meals were not a priority – and having one away from my computer? Please. I loved my job but constantly being on-the-go was eating away at me, I was depressed, tired all the time, moody.

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