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Private Cooking classes

Do you have a group of friends, family, or coworkers, or belong to an organization that is interested in healthy cooking?

I am able to teach cooking classes on a variety of nutrition and lifestyle topics, including how to cook for certain health conditions, and am an official certified instructor of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

Classes are available for one-on-one private instruction in your home (or venue of your choice) personalized to your dietary concerns and preferences, or for groups. Sample group class options are listed below.

Learn how to prepare health-supportive meals along with the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll need to master them. I will prepare handouts for participants and allow time for Q&A as well. Please contact me if you’d like to book a private class or to discuss a customized class for your group.

Note: All classes are gluten-free. Private classes can be adjusted to your dietary needs (allergies, diet, or other restrictions).

Original Good Witch Kitchen Classes

You can have your nachos, burgers and other favorites and have a healthy, plant-based diet at the same time! Learn my favorite tips and tricks for producing all your favorite go-to party fare.
Baking super-tasty treats can actually be good for you! Come get hands-on learning to create desserts and other baked goods. None of your friends will know the difference. Current menu is NOT fully vegan but we can adjust for private classes.
If everyone went vegan even just one day a week, it would drastically help the environment. In this class, you'll get ideas for plant-rich breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
This class focuses on the one question everyone asks a vegetarian or vegan: “‘Where do you get your protein?” Beans, grains, tempeh and some vegetables are surprisingly high in protein and one of the cheapest forms of nutrition. Cook and taste your new favorite green and grain bowls!
Learn and practice basic knife skills to use in your own kitchen. Bring your own chef’s knife (or your favorite knife) and we’ll make a nutritious Mexican-inspired meal together.
Fermented foods are an age-old tradition. This method of preserving food is also great for your gut health. Learn how to make your own kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, and more.
I know what you’re thinking; carbs are what make comfort food so satisfying! Chances are, if you remove pasta, bread, and potatoes from your diet, most of your favorite foods are out too. Let me teach you creative, low-carb ways to prepare traditionally high-carb recipes—you can have your low-carb cake and eat it, too!
Interested in the ketogenic diet but not sure if a high-fat, low-carb plan is right for you? Join me for an explainer on the keto lifestyle as I take you through an average day of meals on the plan. This class is not vegan but suitable for pescatarians.

Official Academy of Culinary Nutrition Classes

Inflammatory conditions are epidemic and people are waking up to the fact that most inflammatory conditions can be alleviated, if not completely resolved through dietary and lifestyle choices. For some of us, the discomfort is fleeting while for others, the pain is constant and chronic. Aches and pains, obesity, allergies, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, skin diseases, respiratory issues and more all involve inflammation. This class will inspire you to take immediate action in taking control of your health and alleviating discomfort!
Food allergies are on the rise and their prevalence affects us all. For many, discovering they have an allergy, or needing to learn how to manage a family member can be overwhelming and stressful. This class addresses some of the most common allergens, offering simple and delicious alternatives that will inspire you and relieve some of the fear around living with allergies.
The old adage is true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It replenishes us with nutrients after a long night of fasting, and offers us the energy and focus we need to tackle the day. This class will inspire you to make breakfast count!
Great digestion is the root of our health. When our digestion is impaired, for any number of reasons, a cascade of other symptoms results. Too often, people chase those other symptoms without getting to the root cause. You will leave not only feeling nourished but inspired to work on your own digestive health! *Note: This is not a vegan workshop as it does contain bone broth.
That 3pm energy crash is all too common. People get hungry, ravenous, and reach for the nearest cup of coffee and a pastry to get through the day. People are having trouble getting up in the morning, ride the sugar and cravings roller coaster all day, and end up wired at night and can’t get to sleep. And of course, those 4am wake-ups with the mind spinning. Most people don’t even realize they are in this cycle, and once in it, they often turn to the exact problematic habits that keep it going. This workshop will open your mind and taste buds to get you feeling fueled throughout the day.
Many families struggle with finding the time to spend with one another in a fulfilling and meaningful way, especially as kids get older. But everyone’s got to eat, right? Eating as a family is a wonderful way to spend quality time together, and getting kids involved in the process helps make mealtimes much more enjoyable.
It’s dinner time and everyone’s hungry: but when you open the fridge there is nothing but a hodgepodge of vegetables that you don’t know what to do with, and you’re too tired to chop and prep anyway. Happens to the best of us. Learn how to avoid this situation with these simple tricks to planning for healthy eating!
Smoothies and elixirs are a powerful way to tuck a payload of nutritious foods into a delectable, easy-to-digest package. Inventive, nutrient-packed smoothies can be life changers for people transitioning to healthier ways of living and eating. For those already well versed in smoothies, it can be easy to fall into a rut of having the same thing every day. This class has something for everyone – long time smoothie and elixir drinkers and newbies alike. This class is only offered as a demonstration style workshop.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, send me a message! I may be able to create a custom class suited to your interests.