asparagus soup

The weather here in Boston has been so gloomy every day and not spring-like at all, but luckily our vegetables know what time it is. In my neighborhood, the Fenway CDC has a Fair Foods program offering fresh vegetables for $2 per bag twice a month, regardless of income level, and the last one was filled with more fresh, crisp asparagus than I knew what to do with!

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take control of your health

The American Health Care Act was passed by the House this week, which will repeal and replace much of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). If you’re concerned about your health insurance (as I am), coverage, medication costs, etc., now is the time to educate yourself on how you can take control of your own health.

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you don’t need coffee

You don’t need coffee.

HEAR ME OUT. Before you come at me with your pitchforks and large iced Dunks, I am not demonizing it or saying it is strictly forbidden all the time forever. I’m saying that 5th cup of coffee you desperately needed to stay awake and finish out the work day? It’s not doing you any good.

Release the death grip on your stainless steel tumbler because chances are, you already kind of knew this.

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creamy cauliflower + carrot soup

This week the Academy of Culinary Nutrition launched its annual From Scratch cookbook for a cause, and I’m proud to have a version of my nourishing savory oats included in the book!

This is a digital cookbook with 47 gluten-free, dairy-free recipes donated by ACN grads. For 2017, ACN has chosen Community Food Centres Canada to benefit from 100% of proceeds, and we have a goal of raising $10,000 for the organization in 10 days.

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roasted veggie + kale salad

I’m a creature of habit. I’ll order the same thing every time I go to a restaurant, and I’ll make the same meal a million times until I can’t even accept the taste anymore. This recipe was inspired by my first visit to Glass House in Cambridge, where I ordered the most delicious salad that I’ll probably order every time I go back, and will now also meal prep to death.

(I know, I said there would be more than kale here. But in order for there to be more, there has to be some, so here it is.)

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brussels sprouts salad

I came up with this recipe for my first workshop on gut-toning meals, and now I make it almost every week for lunch, it’s so easy and quick to whip together. Who knew that the little girl who would sit at the kitchen table until bedtime refusing to eat her vegetables would grow up to willingly eat brussels sprouts? There’s hope (and lots of dressing).

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my favorite green juice

Juicing is a commitment. The appliance is a pain to clean, it takes forever, and sometimes spinach will get stuck and you’ll have to pull out globs of wet leaves to try and put back in the feed tube and get something good out of it. I’m really selling this to you, aren’t I?

But juicing is a really great way to get a TON of nutrients in your body all at once. “But what about the fiber?” you cry. “Can’t I just buy some Tropicana and get it over with?” you ask. Read on, my friends.

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marinated tamari eggs

If you’re not a yolk person then I suggest you TURN AROUND NOW. Consider this as serious as the first episode of Walking Dead when Rick wakes up in the hospital and sees “DON’T OPEN. DEAD INSIDE.” painted on the door. We all know how that turned out. Listen to your warnings!!

Anyway, this recipe is for marinated tamari eggs – salty, sweet, delicious additions to your morning meal, a post-workout snack, homemade ramen, whatever you like. The key is to actually follow instructions, and you’ll be rewarded with gooey, sorta drippy but mostly gelled, perfectly half-cooked egg yolks.

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