Cleansing Without Sage

Smoke cleansing is a global practice that’s been used by many cultures since ancient times, but has become more mainstream lately. With anything that goes mainstream and is commodified, it is often taken out of context and used inappropriately. I know we have good intentions, but it’s important to evaluate our practices and learn where they came from to see if and how our actions affect others.

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Foods and Herbs to Boost the Immune System Naturally

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked through an illness. (Guilty!) You have a horrible cold, you’re not feeling so well, but you don’t have any more sick days so you just kind of stare at your computer all day pretending you’ll be productive.

Or instead, ever had coworkers that come in when they should definitely have stayed home? There’s always one. And sometimes it’s you.

It’s part of life—if we’re going out into the world, we’re going to encounter germs, and the best thing we can do is to build up our immunity to help avoid getting sick.

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How to Do an Elimination Diet

Food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies are becoming more and more common (and yes, they are different from one another!).

There are a few reasons that may be driving this, but I believe it is in large part due to the amount of stress we are under, paired with the amount of processed, nutrient-deficient foods we (as a society) have in our diets.

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