Have you ever been in the middle of a diet, frowning at every carb you see, following all these arbitrary rules, and thought to yourself as you lift a piece of undressed lettuce to your lips: “Am I going to have to eat this way for the rest of my life???” 

Cue the trail of obscenities, overwhelm, giving up, and starting all over.

How many times do you want to go through that again before admitting diets are total BS?

That’s right. Diets. Don’t. Work.

You know it, I know it, the diet industry knows it, that’s how they get you to keep coming back.

What if you found a way to stop the cycle of dieting and just… exist without constantly thinking about food? Without saying “screw it” after one stress-induced indulgence and continuing the binge for the rest of the day or week? Without comparing yourself to every woman you see? Without beating yourself up for getting “off track” and promising to be “good” tomorrow?

Kristen Ciccolini - Holistic Nutritionist

i’ll be honest

  • I have been a lifelong emotional eater. A chronic dieter. A sugar addict (Nonni’s pizzelles were a breakfast food in my book). 
  • I’ve lied about what I’ve eaten and hidden food packages out of embarrassment.
  • I’ve cried about having to be in a bathing suit in front of my friends.
  • I wallowed and wondered what the hell was wrong with me that I couldn’t just eat like a normal person.

Treating your body well and doing what feels good should be second nature, and it CAN BE. But it turns out a “normal person” can be and do all of the things I just mentioned above, too. All of this is common—there is nothing wrong with YOU.

As a feminist, it feels conflicting, right? We might want to smash the patriarchy politically, but things can get a little gnarly on the personal end when we’re caught up in diet culture.

I get it. There’s a lot of fear and discomfort around getting out of the vicious cycle, leaving dieting behind, fully trusting yourself, and challenging your standards of beauty—for some it’s almost like letting go of an old friend. 

But even those most devoted to the cause struggle with body image and emotional eating. Having dieted while feminist doesn’t make you anti-feminist. Have compassion for yourself—it’s almost impossible to be a human in our society and be immune to such pervasive messaging.

You can still fight the good fight and make changes that serve you.


“I was extremely emotionally reliant on food and knew I wouldn’t have the motivation to stick with it without someone holding me accountable and guiding me through the process. Working with Kristen has literally changed my entire relationship with food. She makes major life changes feel extremely simple and easy to achieve.” – Marissa E.


Smash the patriarchy… and your scale!

Diet culture ignores a hugely important aspect of changing your eating habits: the emotional impact. That’s what keeps people coming back! Once I figured out that paying attention to that part was KEY to making healthy habits second nature (without weight loss being a goal, can you imagine??) everything became clear.

These days I have a much more relaxed relationship with food and my body… so I can focus my energy on my relationship, spiritual practice, friends, family, and causes I care about instead of how many calories are in my dinner.

I have completely shifted my mindset around eating and know how to use food as an ALLY, rather than the enemy diet culture has trained us to view it as.


“Kristen is patient, direct, and positive. I never felt judged or scolded for my poor habits, just guided towards better ones. She’s fully equipped to help you re-evaluate your food needs and lifestyle—and shows you that you are, too. She has been an incredible help in redefining my relationship with food and showing me how different foods affect my body and mind.” – Sarah R.


a partner in health

I help my clients repair their relationship with food through strategies that strengthen their mindset, intuition, and self-trust. I use a holistic, weight-inclusive approach in my practice that considers your lived experience and all the personal, environmental, and systemic factors that brought you here today. If you’re into the woo-woo stuff, too, this kitchen witch has got it, but it’s cool if that’s not your thing! 

We do this together through a three-step, tailored approach covering your habits, your meals, and your mindset. I’m your partner, cheerleader, and guide committed to helping you navigate emotional eating, necessary dietary restrictions, or other health issues while nurturing a positive relationship with food.


let’s talk

If you made it this far, you’ve already taken the first step, which means you’re more ready than you probably think you are! 

Next step?



“I was struggling to eat healthy and it was difficult to prioritize nutrition. As a result, I struggled with headaches, energy, sleep, and anxiety, and was concerned about my heart health. Kristen helped me be more confident in the kitchen, and I can’t believe I can actually cook healthy, tasty food, even kale! My recent health screening was much better. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache, I sleep better, I have more energy, I can exercise more, and I have less anxiety. This was life-changing for me, thank you!” – B. Southworth