5-Day Summer detox

A 5-day real-food reset to help you feel better, have more energy, and look great… without giving up real food!


get a menu sneak PEEK

  • done for you

Pre-made meal plan and shopping list to save you time and money.

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40+ healthy and delicious recipes to pick from the whole family will enjoy.

  • support

Daily support so you you’ll never feel like you’re on your own!

I know you want to feel great in your skin this summer (who doesn’t?!), but I’ll bet you aren’t willing to give up all your favorite foods and starve yourself. Good thing you’ve landed here! I’ve been there and done that – it’s no fun, and I can tell you it doesn’t work for the long haul.

I’m Kristen Ciccolini, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Holistic Nutrition Coach, and I know there’s so much confusing advice out there about the right things to eat and fad diets claiming a quick fix.

I know what it’s like to try every diet that’s out there, including detoxes that limit what I can eat to just a few items or force me to drink nothing but liquids for days (this is NOT that).

That might work for some people, but it’s never worked for me. Once I began learning about how food impacted my energy and mood, something clicked and I began a total lifestyle shift that changed my entire outlook on the way I eat. I’m hoping this brief program will help kickstart your shift into a healthier life, too.

THE 5-DAY summer detox is a perfect fit if YOU:

  • Want more energy for your busy and demanding life.
  • Find yourself dragging at 3:00 PM and use sugar and caffeine to make it through the day.
  • Experience belly bloat after eating.
  • Feel tired all the time even though you’re working out and eating right.
  • Work out a ton and still don’t get the results you expect.
  • Want to hit the reset button on your metabolism so your body learns to burn fat more efficiently.
  • Get breakouts on your face, shoulders, and back even though you thought you were done with acne.

If you’re eating right and exercising, but still not seeing results – it’s likely your body needs to hit the reset button! 

We live in a polluted world, and even if we’re eating the best foods and drinking the best quality water, we’re still exposed to toxins in the environment all around us, especially those of us living in the city, and it’s more than our bodies can handle.

When we become overloaded with toxins, our systems get clogged up and end up storing the excess toxins in our fat cells. When our fat cells get filled with toxins, they can’t get burned off, and even worse: we tend to store MORE fat!

A detox is a great way to begin to release those toxins from your fat cells and allows the fat to finally burn away.

The Summer Detox runs July 23-27th

You’ll get all the materials, recipes, handouts, an online virtual community, plus tons of lovin’ support from me for just $97

Registration ends July 21st. Secure payments processed through Paypal.


Reset your eating habits so you can get back on track with your health goals.

Curb your sugar and carb cravings, and stop eating the junk that keeps sneaking back into your diet.

Enjoy a whole-foods-based cleanse with lots of support and delicious recipes—there’s no fasting or eating only cabbage soup here.

Learn how to really feed your body so you have radiant health and energy, rather than relying on caffeine and energy drinks to get you through the day.

a seasonal refresh like this can help to:

Rev up your metabolism.  A properly done detox can be great for resetting your metabolism and burning fat that’s been clinging to your body for years.

Give your body a break! Digestion takes a lot of energy, and it’s important to give our digestive system a break every now and then so it can repair the damage done from foods that can impair its function, like fried, processed, and sugary treats.

Reset your habits. Have you noticed that you’re reaching for the candy bowl more often than before? Are you drinking more wine than water these days? Cleanses are great for helping you become aware of your bad habits so you can start changing them.

Feel better than you’ve ever felt before. My clients tell me they have more energy, sleep better, and have more drive for lifeall from focusing on real, whole food for 5 days. That’s a pretty great start if you ask me!

JOIN US! July 23-27th
Refresh and reset for just $97
Registration ends July 21st. Secure payments processed through Paypal.

your summer detox kit includes:

A detailed handbook. A done-for-you guide that tells you exactly what to do and when, so you’ll never be left wondering whether you’re doing things right.

Step-by-step guidance that will make sure your 5-Day Detox is a success!

A recipe guide specifically designed to help you attain maximum results, with foods that help support your body’s natural detoxification systems (and your taste buds). You won’t even have to think about what to cook all week—sweet!

A shopping list to take all the stress out of figuring out how many onions, bunches of kale, and carrots you need to buy—it’s already done for you!

Direct, daily support from me the week of July 23-27th. Plus, access to a MEMBERS-ONLY group forum where you can connect with me and other detoxers to get all the support you’ll need to stick with the program to the end (and beyond!).

LIVE pre-detox video call where I’ll explain the detox step-by-step, and you’ll have a chance to ask all your questions before we get started.


And I want you to feel supported every step of the way, so you’ll also receive the following bonuses as a little extra thank you just for signing up.

Bonus #1:  A complete “Deepen Your Detox” bonus tips handbook to help you get the best results during the week.

Bonus #2: An eating out guide to help you stick to your detox if you have a business lunch or meal out.

Bonus #3: An extra Green Juice Recipe Guide to help you make the most of this season’s abundant produce. No need for a juicer with these recipes! 

Bonus #4: A LIVE post-detox strategy session with me to check in, ask questions, and get more tips for what to do next and how you can avoid going back to your old habits.

frequently asked questions

How do I know if I really need this?

The Summer Detox is for you if:

  • You reach for a can of diet soda and a candy bar when the clock hits 3:00 PM.
  • You usually eat pretty well, but you find yourself craving the opportunity to lighten up this summer.
  • You know you want to eat better, but you’re just not sure where to start.
  • You want to find out how to feed your body for real instead of following another fad diet.
  • You know things need to change, but you also know you need some support and guidance to get healthy the right way.

Am I going to be starving all week? 

Absolutely not! These recipes are designed to be well-balanced and filling so you’ll be satisfied in between meals, and if you do get hungry, before it’s time to eat again, there are plenty of nutritious snack options to choose from. Not one of my clients so far has said they felt deprived during this program!

Why do this anyway? Don’t our bodies know how to get clean all on their own? 

We live in a toxic world, especially those of us in the city, and we’re exposed to pollutants on a daily basis, whether it’s pesticides in our food, fumes from traffic, or even toxic materials used to make computers and phones. 

Our bodies can only handle so much toxic input at a time, and when we get overloaded, we often experience negative symptoms like headaches, irritability, belly fat, bloating, breakouts, fatigue, and more. This week is about controlling what we can in our environment through food, and the foods we eat help naturally boost our body’s detoxification systems.

Yes but… will this actually work for me?

I know there are a lot of “detoxes” out there promising to be a miracle cure and many of them are BS, but the 5-Day Summer Detox for Beginners is different because it focuses on introducing lots of healthy, nutrient-dense foods into your diet rather than restricting you to a few foods and drinks, and you’ll learn a lot of new habit-changing information that you can take with you well beyond the five days. You will feel a difference by the end of the week, but of course, we can’t expect absolute miracles in 5 days. This is why I’m offering the additional training session after the Summer Detox week to talk about how to continue with your new healthy habits when the five days are over.

Is this a vegan or vegetarian plan?

Yes and no. This is not a strict vegan or vegetarian plan, however, it is easily adaptable for any lifestyle or diet, from vegan to paleo and everything in between. Some recipes do contain eggs, fish, and poultry, and I note substitutions where possible, but there are also plenty of recipes without animal products for you to choose from. If you want to try a recipe outside of 40+ offered in the guide, feel free to post it in our private group if you’re wondering whether it’s detox-friendly

I’m not in Boston. Can I still do the detox?

Of course! This is a virtual group program and you will have access to me via email and Facebook throughout the week.



“This program has been SUPER valuable for me and my husband. We both got more tuned into our bodies and where energy was coming from once we cut out coffee and sugar. This program set us up for success and gave us the tools to continue these healthy habits long-term.”


“I definitely feel a difference and plan to keep going with a lot of this while slowly bringing other things back into the diet. My biggest takeaway is how easy and fast it was to make these types of dishes and there’s no need to over-complicate.”


“This is the first detox I’ve done that really didn’t feel restrictive! I used the experience to try new recipes, and now I’m using the ones I liked regularly!”


Our Summer Detox runs July 23-27th

You’ll get all the materials, recipes, handouts, an online virtual community, plus tons of lovin’ support from me for just $97

Registration ends June 21st. Secure payments processed through Paypal.

Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you. Send me an email at kristen@goodwitchkitchen.net and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Ready to help you have a great summer!

P.S. Programs like this are way more fun when you do them with friends, so spread the word! Share this link with your sisters, mothers, cousins, and BFFs, and help them feel their best this summer, too!

Kristen Ciccolini is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, Holistic Nutrition Coach, and the Founder of Good Witch Kitchen helping busy women incorporate healthy habits into their everyday lives. Kristen began her business in 2017 with a goal of making a healthier lifestyle more accessible to all, and offers a range of programs including one-on-one coaching, meal planning, cooking classes, and seminars.

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